Strap Mill Canada

Grey and Greyer Ribbed Nylon Watch Strap

$24.97 CAD

The Ribbed Nylon Watch Strap is the perfect accessory for any watch with its high-quality features. Crafted with a floating keeper and a brushed buckle, the ribbed nylon material provides optimal comfort and durability. The unique color weaving, featuring alternating red and white stitching reminiscent of the Canadian flag, adds a distinctive touch to this new style only shown when taken off the wrist. Whether worn on or off the wrist, this watch strap is the ideal way to update the look of your watch.


Colour: Dark grey and light grey
Buckle type: Brushed top, polished sides
Lug width: 20/22mm
Number of holes: 13
Strap thickness: 1.3mm


Standard strap length: 300mm


Link on how to change into a nylon strap

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