"Without change, there is no innovation." 


"Our watch straps represent our passion as watch collectors." 

At Strap Mill Canada, we value the tradition of watch strap making and we strive to produce straps with quality materials and workmanship. As avid watch collectors ourselves, we understand that a watch can say a lot about a person so we have provide a range of products for you to find one that will perfectly suit your personality and needs. We are constantly striving to improve our products to provide our customers with a watch strap that is beautiful and functional at a reasonable price. Our materials are meticulously chosen for their quality and characteristics that enhance each unique piece. 

We design and package all our products in our home Vancouver, Canada and work closely with our manufacturers in Asia. Our raw materials are sourced from all over the world, including Italy and Japan. Strap Mill Canada is not just a store, but is a place for us to share our passion as watch collectors with all of you. We share watch related information through our experiences on our Information Hub page. We hope you will find our website resourceful and all the best on your search for your next watch strap!