How to Size an Adjustable Deployant Clasp

Deployant clasps are a great option in bringing convenience to putting on your timepiece. Although it might look tricky on how to set it up, this simple guide will teach you step by step on how to mount and size a our adjustable deployant clasp with your new watch strap. 

1. Mount both straps onto your watch.

2. Wrap the watch around your wrist and place the buckle at the desired location. At this point make a mental note of where the front of the buckle is located as shown by the red line.

3.  Make a fold at the red line.

4. Detach the folded strap from the watch. Slide the strap into the 'open end' of the clasp. Please note the configuration of the clasp as shown in the photo. 

5. Pinch the side of the strap to slide it underneath the keepers.

6. Remove the second strap from the watch. Hold the clasp as shown in the photo.

7. Push down on the flap so that it exposes the spring bar underneath. Slide the second strap underneath the spring bar.

8. Pull approximately 1.5cm of the strap through. 

9. Mount the straps onto the watch. Test to see if the fitting is too loose.

10. If the strap is too loose, repeat step 8 until the desired fitting. 

11. Pinch the side of the strap to slide it underneath the keepers.

12. Voila!

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