Olive Italian Calf Leather Strap

Olive Italian Calf Leather Strap

Strap Mill Canada

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This strap smells like a brand new couch; the leather used was imported from an Italian tannery producing only the finest material. The calf skin provides a smooth, soft, and consistent surface throughout the strap. The centre of the strap is slightly padded for better comfort on the wrist.


Material: Italian Calf Leather with Nubuck Leather Backing
Buckle type: Polished
Lug width: 18/20/22mm
Number of holes: 8
Strap thickness: 3mm
For lug width 18mm, it tapers down to 16mm to buckle side.
For lug width 20mm, it tapers down to 18mm on buckle side.
For lug width 22mm, it tapers down to 20mm on buckle side.


Short piece length without buckle: 75mm
Long piece length: 120mm