Strap Mill Canada

Three Hump Diver’s Strap with Cream Stitching for Apple Watch

$91.97 CAD

We have engineered the entire strap to be made of synthetic material. The water resistant properties of the strap enables you to wear it anywhere, even under water. The unique three-hump design enriches the characteristics of any watch. When you get the strap new, it may be a little stiff. To expedite the break-in period, we recommend wearing the strap in an aquatic environment (ie. swimming or showering with the strap).

Compatibility: Apple Watch Original, Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

For a 38/40mm watch case, the lug width is 20mm.
For a 42/44mm watch case, the lug width is 22mm.


Top Material: Hydrophobic Textured Polymer
Lining: Ultra-soft Waterproof Caoutchouc
Buckle type: Brushed
Spring Bar: Quick Release
Lug width: 20/22mm
Number of holes: 8
Strap thickness: 5.9mm-2.3mm


Short piece length without buckle: 75mm
Long piece length: 125mm

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