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Orange and Black Seatbelt Nato Watch Strap (Sold As-Is)

$11.49 CAD $22.97 CAD

As-Is products may contain imperfections. The product is still new and the material used is the same as our original product.

Our Seatbelt Nato watch straps are woven using nylon and polyester to mimic the textures of seatbelts that are typically found in cars and aircraft. At 1.4mm thick, the straps are designed to be soft and supple to conform to the wrist. A unique sheen found on these seatbelt straps is contrasted with brushed hardware to give the strap a sporty and contemporary appearance.


Buckle type: Brushed
Lug width: 20/22mm
Number of holes: 13
Strap thickness: 1.4mm


Buckle to first hole: 163mm
Buckle to the last hole: 248mm
Strap length: 270mm


Link on how to change into a NATO strap

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