Strap Mill Canada

Oil Tanned Deep Black Leather Strap

$34.97 CAD
This oil tanned leather strap may look simple, but it has a fun twist! It features a nuback leather lining on the underside of the strap, which shines through when worn. The strap has a sleek design and padded centre, allowing the strap to sit somewhere between casual and formal, depending on the watch it's accompanying. 


Material: Padded Oil Tanned Leather with Nubuck Leather Backing
Buckle type: Polished
Lug width: 18/20/22mm
Number of holes: 7
Strap thickness: 4mm
For lug width 22mm, it tapers down to 20mm on buckle side.



Short piece length with buckle: 90mm
Short piece length without buckle: 75mm
Long piece length: 115mm

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