Oil Tanned Dark Brown Leather Strap (Sold As-Is)

Oil Tanned Dark Brown Leather Strap (Sold As-Is)

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As-Is products may contain imperfections. The product is still new and the material used is the same as our original product.
The oil tanned leather strap may look conservative but we have added a twist to it! A lightly padded centre combined with a bold and vibrant orange nubuck leather on the underside turns the strap into a fun and casual accessory- just like what a watch should be. The result is a refraction of orange lightly shining through when worn.


Material: Padded Oil Tanned Leather with Nubuck Leather Backing
Buckle type: Polished
Lug width: 18/20/22mm
Number of holes: 7
Strap thickness: 4mm
For lug widths 18mm & 20mm, there is no tapering on the buckle side.
For lug width 22mm, it tapers down to 20mm on buckle side.


Short piece length with buckle: 90mm, 85mm (for 18mm lug)
Short piece length without buckle: 75mm, 70mm (for 18mm lug)
Long piece length: 115mm, 110mm (for 18mm lug)