Strap Mill Canada

Brown Pilot Leather Strap for Apple Watch

$70.97 CAD

The design of our pilot leather watch strap is inspired by the watches worn by the German pilots in the 1930s and 40s. The distinguishing feature of the classic steel studs can be seen on each piece. The crazy horse leather uses wax to enhance the fibers so that when it wears, it gives an antique, vintage appearance. The attachment ends of the straps are triple layered for extra durability so you can wear it all day long. 

Compatible with all Apple Watch series.

For a 38/40/41mm watch case, the lug width is 20mm.
For a 42/44/45/49mm watch case, the lug width is 22mm.


Material: Crazy Horse Leather
Buckle type: Brushed 
Lug width: 20/22mm
Number of holes: 8
Strap thickness: 3mm
No tapering


Short piece length without buckle: 70mm
Long piece length: 125mm

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