How to Change Into a Nato Strap

Recently, I had a customer ask a question about how to loop his new leather Nato strap through his watch. He had a tight gap on his watch and his strap didn't fit. This was when I realized not everyone has the proper tools and equipment when it comes to installing thick straps. Our leather Nato straps have two sides, making it quite thick. Believe it or not, even when installing something as simple as a Nato strap, you can still encounter issues.

This tutorial is intended to help guide you through some of the basics for installing Nato straps. We will be using our Leather Nato strap as an example, since it is thicker than a nylon Nato strap.

What you will need:

1. Take the strap or bracelet off the watch. For this example, a leather strap is attached.

2. Slide the spring bar fork in between the lug and the strap to push the spring bar away from the watch case.

3. Remove the spring bar from the original strap or bracelet.

4. Install the spring bar back on to the watch.

5. Slide the Nato strap into the watch as shown below.

The extra long design of our leather Nato strap enables the excess strap to be tucked in tightly. It is normal to experience difficulty in tucking the excess strap when the strap is new.


6. If you encounter difficulties trying to slide our leather Nato strap through the lugs (like the Damasko below), check the space between the spring bar and the watch case; if it is less than 2mm, you may need bent spring bars.

7. You could use a spring bar bending pliers to bend the spring bars or purchase a pair of bent spring bars here. Install the bent spring bars on both sides of the watch. 

8. Our bent spring bar will add an extra 1mm clearance as shown below. 

9. Repeat step 5 to install the strap.

That’s all! Enjoy your new strap and go do military things with it. Like, flying fighter jets or going to the moon. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or comment below.

-SMC Team


    Thanks for the kind comments guys!

    SMC Team January 23, 2019

    Soft, light, beautiful colour (ocean blue). Worth the price.

    Petet January 12, 2019

    Received my Bond Nato watch strap a couple of days ago and it looks and feels terrific. I highly recommend this product and company.

    Don October 11, 2018

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